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Daniil Klubov Founder & Ceo of spoon.tech
Daniil Klubov
December 16, 2022
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Restaurant Customer Service Training

The restaurant industry fully relies on manual labor. The big challenge is that manual labor needs to be clearly guided to be effective.

In the same way as, for example, a car factory needs very clear process guidelines and shop floor diagrams, a restaurant operation needs a very clear process definition.

But how do you define the processes in the restaurant? How do you make sure they are being learned and followed?

Usually, a solution is a pile of word documents with rules and guidelines that people read only when starting on the job. I think we can do better than that.

At spoon.tech we are creating an AI-powered product that provides restaurant operators with intuitive tools to define processes in their restaurants and enable employee learning.

Specifically, we are focusing on three main characteristics of the product:

  1. Simplicity
    A restaurant operator can easily transform their processes from existing documents into spoon.tech  
  2. Visualization and Interaction
    All processes can be visualized and rendered interactive for better comprehensibility
  3. Gamification
    Processes are automatically gamified to enable enjoyable learning

Thus, there is an array of process-related operational issues, which spoon.tech will be solving:

  • Process change
    Big restaurant operators struggle with the process change due to the sheer number of staff, who needs to internalize it. Often operators decide against the change because it involves too big of an effort to communicate the new process across the organization.
  • Onboarding times and costs
    Most restaurant operators struggle with high staff turnover rates. To ensure consistency and appropriate knowledge transfer they must have a period of overlap for the same role when the new hire is being onboarded.
  • Quality control
    Manual processes get modified by the staff over time. This is a gradual process, in which each person starts doing something different. Eventually, the process can become unrecognizable (think of children’s game of Chinese whispers).

In short, we are introducing a ground-breaking AI-powered product to the market, which solves a major pain for restaurant operators. More details to follow :)

Daniil Klubov Founder & Ceo of spoon.tech
Daniil Klubov
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