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What is spoon.tech?

spoon.tech is an intuitive AI-powered learning management solution that helps you easily turn your company processes and policies into engaging training materials with bite-sized videos and gamified elements like quizzes, leaderboards etc. It is designed to make learning fun for employees and ensure uniform training for employees across various locations.

Who is it for?

spoon.tech is designed for employees in all roles and levels from various industries such as restaurants, hospitality, and retail. Whether an employee is experienced or just starting out, whether they work in the back of the house or front, if they need training, spoon.tech can help.

Is it only for restaurants?

spoon.tech is not only for restaurants, but also for other establishments in hospitality (such as hotels, bars, cafes) and retail. It caters to companies of all sizes: from small businesses to chains and franchises with multiple locations.

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